Friday, April 3, 2009

Debbie Brooks

I drank myself silly last week at the First Thursday Artwalk. (I'm still trying to figure out if, had I actually broken that giraffe sculputre that started to topple as I leaned against it, I would have attemted to pay for it or instead have run out of the gallery screaming, caught the first bus that passed, and then have attempted to disappear off of the plant altogether).

Anyway, however, I saw some beautiful Debbie Brooks bags at the Schaffer Fine Art Gallery. This was a fun gallery that had very charming hostesses, who were serving 'Midwest red wine" which, apparently means red wine that has been chilled.
With her purses, Debbie Brooks translates her art into product. The images on the purses are all orginal artwork done by Debbi herself!! You can read more about Debbie and see her fun, whimsical purse designs at
Way to use artwork in a practial medium!!!

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