Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

I gave myself two wonderful Easter gifts this year:

1) a box of chocolates for my roommates (I had managed to only have eaten half of the chocolates before I gave it to them) and

2) Decided to clean up the kitchen in the bachelor pad where I am living (which involved purchasing mice traps and also a garbage can)

I also actually purchased an Easter basket for a friend this year, which I think means that I am officially an adult.

I remember one Easter in my teens, waking up in the morning and to my horror finding no Easter basket at the foot of my bed.

I stormed into my parent's room in tears and asked my mother how come, if my three-year old sister had received an Easter basket, I had not?

A look of exasperation may have crossed my mother's face, or she muttered something barely audible about me being 'incredibly spoiled' but, in any event, after this I continued receiving Easter baskets until I turned 27.

The Spirit of the Guinea Pig accompanied all of us at Easter brunch this year, which was complete with hot-cross buns, Portland Punch (boysenberry juice mixed with rasberry juice mixed with sugar), and of course, Peeps for desert.

The High Holy day for the Guinea pig, however will not fall until Thanksgiving ;)

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