Friday, October 16, 2009

I just saw September Issue and what a great docomentary it turned out to be! Would almost like to see it for a second time, in fact.

The documentary covers the creation of Vogue 2007 September issue, the largest issue Vogue has ever published. The film focuses on editor Anna Wintour and seeks to unmask her somewhat infamous personality and her role in the magazine's creation.

Although I myself have never purchased an issue of Vogue nor, until I saw the movie (and I say this with some pride) would I have even recognized the editor's name, I found myself fascinated with this woman and her sidekick Grace Coddington, as well as the fashion industry in general!!!!!!

It gave me a much greater appreaciation for the fashin industry (What I had until now dismissed as silly narcisictic models wearing grossly expensive clothing). The documentary focused particularly on Grace Coddington's photography, and how she struggles to continue creating beautiful work under the harsh censure of Anna Wintour! The movie actually made fashion look fun, and it struck me as sort of ironic that Anna Wintour take such a frivious job so seriously. I got the feeling that everyday she went to work just to have some fun!

The one aspect of the movie that I took exception to was its flagrant advertisements for Mac and Starbucks; in the beginning we see Anna Wintour stepping into her chauffered S-Class Mercades and ask her chauffer to driver her to Starbucks (yeah, right!), and in another a senior assistant is on the telephone at his desk with a Mac and a cup of Starbucks iced coffee....(the cup actually disappears in the next shot, then reappears when they show the desk the third time...sort of like the Hocus Focus from the funny pages.....) And then, in the most ridiculous scene of all, we see Grace Coddington actually hook herself up to a Starbucks caffine i-v! (k, so it wasn't that bad, but really, what is the likehood that all of these ultra wealthy sophisticated people would be drinking coffee as disgustging as Starbucks???)

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