Thursday, December 10, 2009

Candy Thermometer/PDX Grocery

In my search for the city's cheapest candy thermometer, I visited Goodwill and found a busted up one, Fredy Meyer had one on sale for $6, New Season, $13, and good-old Winco foods for a paltry $3.

Found some other great deals while at Winco; tuna, 58 cents a can (vs. over dollar other places), frozen orange juice concentrate, $1, a bottle of wine for $4.38 (and it isn't half bad!)

Left winco beating myself over the head with my candy thermometer wondering why I am not doing ALL of my grocery shopping there, ALL the time!! (except for Produce, which is a little bit on the iffy side; sometimes you get the feeling that thier heads of lettuce have been sitting on the counter for WAY too long....)

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