Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emely Bag

just finished making a batch of the Emely purse; it is a purse that I designed over the summer and is probably the simplest purse in my line. The Emely purse is intended as a lunch bag or a small book bag; the dimensions are approx 12" wide by 15" high.

I have been walking around town with the NYT inside of this bag, since it takes me like 5 hours (over 3 sittings) to finish reading that newspaper.The Emely also has one inside pocket that is about 5" by 5" square.

This purse is named after my friend Emely who lives in Seattle. Emely changed her name from Emely to Maria some time ago, but now it appears that she has changed it back to Maria, so I am a bit conflicted as to what to name this purse. However, I am going with Emely for now, and that is quite likely what I will stick with for the sake of simplicty. I would like to name it Maria, however, because then it could also be named after Maria Shriver, my new role model, so I would, in a sense be killing two birds with one stone.

Am I rambling now? Anyhoo, it takes me just over an hour to crank out one of these babies, which means that I will be selling them for just over $20. Not a bad price, I think, for a durable and practical bag like this one. And look at all those pretty designs....no two alike!

Who is YOUR role model??
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