Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I just discovered the most AMAZING purse studio, Nappa Studio, (, that sells purses which have been handmade from Japanese Kimonos. These purses are made with such wonderful vibrant colors I just want to buy every single one and use them all of the time.

My favorite is this one, the one that looks like a little girl dress.

Another that I really like are the tote bags, they look so sturdy with the handles, and they would be great bags for those days when you have lots and lots to cary around.

She sells her purses for reasonable prices, especially considering that they are handmade; of the 40+ purses on her site, only two are priced above $100.

They artist, Aya, comes form the Kyoto region of Japan, and as she says on her site, "All Nappa creations are a result of Aya's passion for design as well as her intense focus on craft, which ensures that all Nappa products are durably constructed, stylish, fun, & unique."

also has a great link on her site to other purse designers.

I would have liked to see some more models in the purse photos, to get a clearer idea of the size of the purses, and how they hang on a person's body. Otherwise, the purse photos on the site are great. Nappa Studio also has a really cute kimono teddy bear key holder for sale. Unfortunatly, it has been sold out.

She has organized her purses well on her site; by price, by style, and with a third page, "archive", where you can see all of her purses displayed at one. And Nappa Studio certainly isn't afraid to continue to design; she has over 50 purse designs for sale!

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