Thursday, January 28, 2010

Poppy Treffry

Poppy Treffry is one of my favorite purse lines. I just LOVE their merchandise. So sweet, and charming and sort of sassy....the applique, the flouncy style, how the designs are simple and a little disheveled yet well-made and finished at the same time.

Poppy Treffry is a purse business based out of Newlyn, England, that sells large and small flouncy bags, grocery bags, backpacks and tea cozies, as well as pictures, coushins, and ceramics. I think that Poppy Treffry loves simple designs like flowers, butterflies, bees, and cupcakes and so incorporates these images into several mediums.

Poppy Treffry started in 2004 with one woman, and since then has grown to 7 women working on 13 sewing machines (hmm...a lucky number with an unlucky number--I guess that it evens out). And they have even written a sewing book called "Free and Easy Stitch". These women obviously know how to keep themselves occupied!

You can purchase Poppy Treffy purses at their website, and can find out more about Poppy Treffy at their blog and twitter accounts.

I'm concerned that some of the purses in my line may habe been unduly influenced by Poppy Treffry....what do you think? Possibly?

Hmmmmmmm. Maybe so.
but you know what they say...flattery is the most sincere form of imitation........(or something like that anyway.)
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