Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Handmade Quilt

Today I am going to write about the quilt that I made for my friend, Pat Harvey, who got married just last September.

Even though it meant that I would miss the opportunity to volunteer for the Portland Marathon, I decided to go all the way out to the wedding in Connecticut, and on the way decided to visit my friend Paudie in New York City who I hadn't seen for SIX YEARS! Which was hard to believe. We have both aged a lot since then, but still enjoy drinking Guinness!

I made this quilt from some fabrics that I received from my friend, Jackie, who is an expert quilter and has excellent taste in colors and fabrics! So I felt very grateful that she decided to pass on some of her materials to me.

Unlike much of the "random" patchwork that I do, this quilt followed a fairly systematic pattern of using the orange/red fabric as the base and interior to squares made from green, purple, and yellow fabrics.

I like the way that it turned out. It's one of my fave quilts that I have made, in fact. Pat and his wife like it as well, they mentioned to me. I do not know the exact dimensions, but it lays on top of a full or queen size bed.
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