Thursday, February 11, 2010

Krishna Ramji

The purse line that I am featuring today is Krishna Ramji, which is also the name of the purse designer.

Krishna Ramji purses are "pleat happy"; Krishna says that "each purse always has some kind of pleating or fabric manipulation to it". Krishna makes her purses from wool or suede or recycled clothing. Her work is inspired by the Victorian Era.

She has a great quote that guides her design-work; "a handbag has to be like a piece of art but still serve its purpose." I like that.....bringing art into a practical medium.

Krishna is only 23 years old, and her purse business is based out of London.

I like that Krishna has a very clear artist statement; she knows what ideas and designs are influencing the purses that she creates. Unfortunately, it appears that Krishna has a very weak internet presence; I could not find a website for her, and the only way to order purses is to e-mail her directly.

You can read more about Krishna Ramji here
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