Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rachael Brooke Jewelry

Check out this elegant necklace from Rachael Brooke! Her "simply striking style" is so elusive; it is hard to tell if I want to wear this necklace with a cotton t-shirt or silky black dress. And really, I guess that I could wear it with either.

Rachael Brooke describes her style as “High-Style/ design aesthetic is on the minimal side and it's rewarding to know that people respond to that".

One of the most paradoxical thing about simplicity, I have found, is that it can be very difficult and long process to create something simple that is also beautiful. I would liken it to trying to writing a haiku.

Rachael Brooke jewelry appeals to many women, since it is the kind of jewelry a person can dress up or dress down in.

Rachael Brooke lives in Wisconsin and does all of her work out of a studio just outside her own house. It is one of the great benefits of the Internet, then, that her work is so widely available to other parts of the country and world!

You can purchase Rachael Brooke jewelry at her etsy store and read more about her at her blog, "My Creative Hustle".
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