Wednesday, February 17, 2010


While pursuing through people on Twitter search, I came across the most amazing craft line, known as "SewUpscale"!

SewUpscale creates high-quality quilted postcards. Could you imagine receiving one of these in the mail? It would be awesome! It's the postcard that you would never throw away and that you might in fact even frame!!! (This is what strikes me as ironic about postcard art; something that's framable arriving as a postcard, which a person normally might throw away.)

SewUpscale's designer quilts her postcards in vibrant gold thread, and says in her etsy shop that she strives to keep the quality high and the cost of shipping low. Good philosophy! In addition to postcards, SewUpscale also creates fabric magnets. And she has got some GREAT deals on postcards in her sale section.

SewUpscale's designer comes from Western North Carolina (the same area where my grandparents used to have a house......beautiful area!) and Upper East Tennessee, which influences much of the landscape in her art. Look at this beautiful landscape; you can tell that she has really put a lot of time into creating these postcards.

Isn't this magnet WAY cute???? I just love her stuff. It's a way of turning ordinary household things into quality art!

You can learn more about SewUpscale by visiting her etsy store
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