Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Girl is Crafty

(Yes, this IS a reference to a Beastie Boy's song).

So yeah, I am pretty crafty, and I am going through a paper-crafting phase at the moment which has been VERY therapeutic and relaxing for me. Feel free to to take a little journey and peruse this blog entry with me and see what I have come up with.

Here's a card with some flowers and what-nots. It says "Happy Birthday" on the inside.

And here is a very simple card. it is my favorite, because I like the very simple and unhurried look of it. Probably should have left it blank on the inside, but I have stamped "thank you" in very faint light blue.

And finally, here is a very fun card that looks a little bit like a package with flowers coming out. Guess what? I have appropriately written "Happy Birthday" on the inside!
And I even managed to make some handmade envelopes to hold the cards!!

Be nice to me....and who knows, you might receive one of these little cards in your very own mailbox!!
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