Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nikki Dodd Purse

Recently I have made some changes to my tried-and-true Nikki Dodd. The feedback I have received at craft-fairs has led me to believe that some people like to have bows on their purses, and so I have put several bows onto the Nikki Dodd; two on the side, one to close the main an additional bow on the handle for the torso-strap purse!

Nikki Dodd is names for the nice and wonderful lady who started an awesome book/writing group that I participated in while living in Seattle.

We met either weekly or bi-weekly (can't remember) and alternated between writing and book discussion. This is a tiny little picture of her, on the left with her boyfriend. Jen Escober is on the right.

Nikki and I still correspond via e-mail. She is a good friend.

This purse is also awesome because it has FOUR inside pockets and pen holders. With four outside pockets, that comes to eight pockets total! WOW!

This purse sells for $47. And is made from 100% recycled materials!! xxoo
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