Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SE Artwalk Re-Cap

So the SE Artwalk has come to an end....here's a photograph of the little booth that I set up:

We had great weather and a pretty good turn-out in our venue at the "Old Wild Oats" building; a large building that had once housed the Wild Oats Grocery Store. It was a great opportunity for me to get some exposure to my purses and I sold a lot of my clutches and coin purses. Additionally I met some fabulous artists!

This is Patrick, and he is standing in front of Haitian artwork that he was selling to raise money for the Haitian Children's Fund. Even more amazing is the airplane that Patrick brought in for the show.

Can you believe that he managed to get this plan through human sized doors? I can hardly believe it and it obviously means that he had to dismantle and re-build the plane in several places. It demonstrated a lot of initiative, I thought. Patricks' father flew this plan in "The Blue Max" and Patrick is showing it in an effort to raise money for its restoration, to begin in Winter of 2010. "It will fly again"

Another interesting artist was Thaddesus, who uses tools to create artwork and practical objects. Here's a picture of a seat that he build from a shovel.

And a beautiful wall hanging that he created (obviously) with a hammer.

I think that Thaddeaus' artwork would be suitable for a 'guys' apartment, since many of the men I have met have no interior decorating sense whatsoever, and think that 'things of that sort' are not masculine enough anyway.
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