Friday, April 30, 2010

Monaghan Hall

I'm headed out to SpodeVegas this weekend to run BLOOMSDAY and I'm totally excited. Bloomsday is a 12 K race / festival in Spokane that draws over 50,000 people, so hopefully I won't be stampeded!

Anyway, since I have Spokane on the brain thought that I would dedicate this blog to one of the Seven Wonders of the City of Spokane, Monaghan Hall. Currently it is the Music Conservatory at Gonzaga University, and legend has it that this three-story mansion is HAUNTED!!! In fact, many strange and supernatural incidents have occurred there.

Once, the cleaning lady heard organ music playing, and then she went to see the organ and the keys were moving but no one was sitting at the bench! Another time Father Leedale heard flute music playing out in the hallway, but NO ONE WAS THERE when he went out to see who it was! James Monaghan owned the mansion before it belonged to GU, and he was brutally murdered in his own home!!! The music that was heard playing was in fact the same music played at his funeral!!!

Also a growling noise was heard in the basement, but its source couldn't be determined. One night two guards felt that they were being strangled by an unseen presence, and in 1975 Father decided to hold and excorcism. During the exorcism, the heavy wooden cross around his neck began to bang against his chest.

Some people say that the exorcism was successful, and others say that it is STILL HAUNTED!!!

So if you are ever wandering around the Gonzaga campus late some night, check this place out......if you dare!!

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