Sunday, April 25, 2010

Silly joke

A woman went to see a lawyer requesting a divorce.

The lawyer asked the woman, "what are your grounds?"
The woman said, "About 1/2 an acre."

The lawyer then said, "Do you have a grudge?" And the woman answered, "Oh, no, we have a carport where we keep out car parked."

Then the lawyer said, "Is your husband running around on you?"
The woman said, "Oh no! He can't run at all. He has artharitis."

The lawyer said, "Does your husband beat you up in the morning?"
The woman said, "No, I always get up before he does and make the coffee."

Finally the lawyer asked, "Why are you requesting a divorce?"
"Oh," the lady said, "It's not me who's asking for the divorce, it's my husband. He says that we have a failure to communicate."

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