Monday, May 3, 2010


So I just had to follow up Bloomsday with another blog post.....what an AMAZING and totally worthwhile experience this was!!!!!! I managed to run all 7.46 miles (yay!) in 73 splits just under 10 minutes each....VERY encouraging since I have a half-marathon coming up in just FOUR MONTHS!!!!

this is me at the finish line (put on your glasses.....purple shirt/orange shorts)

And here's the Bloomsday victor, Peter Kirui, who performed the incredible feat of running all 12 Kilometers in 34 minutes 15 seconds!!! Wow. Additionally, the world record for women's 12K was set at this Bloomsday, by Lineth Chepkurui of Kenya, who ran it in 38 minutes 10 seconds! Totally amazing.

Dena and myself at her home before the race.

We ended the race near Riverfront Park where we met Dena's husband and had beer and food and listened to great cover bands! Here's a pic of Dena and myself (sporting the leprechaun-look) in front of the Spokane Falls!!!
Dena and Mike are big Diet Pepsi drinkers so it was wonderful to have found some kindred-spirits!

The most awesome occurrence by far was running into the BLOOMSDAY CHAMPION at the airport!!!! He turned out to be very gracious....Dena and I nabbed him and got our photos taken with him.

He and his loved ones were on their way back to Kenya!!

pushin' back some caffeine before the big race.
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