Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jenkins Estate Craft Fair

On Sunday I participated in the Jenkins Estate Craft Fair and Quilt Festival, out on the lovely Jenkins Estate in Beaverton.

Here is the little display that I set up. The Estate provided the table and chair and table cloth, so all I really needed were my purses and the display! However, I did rent a Zipcar car for the occasion since the Estate is WAY out there, even beyond public transportation! It was my first experience with the company and it went VERY smoothly.

It turned out to be a pretty good craft fair, I made a lot of connections and found out about more upcoming summer fairs to participate in in the outer SW Portland area!

Here are some photos of the AWESOME quilts for sale and on display at the festival.

I am just amazed at the time and love put into these. I love the colors and the monkeys in this one!

And the creative use of shapes in this one, making it look like a real piece of pie!
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