Monday, February 27, 2012

New Credit Card Holder Sleeve, Handmade from Repurposed Clothing; Plus the Academy Awards!!

At a coffeeshop Sunday morning, the lady sitting next to me had a wallet that caught my eye.  It was a very simple sleeve, made from a plastic-like material, in which she carried about 2 credit cards.  It made me recall someone I met over the summer while selling purses at the Beaverton Art Court who told me that she had searched EVERYWHERE to find a simple card sleeve like that.   

And so even though I had planned to spend the day working on my quilt, I instead went home and started cranking out card sleeves, one after another.
 When I'm making a trial design, sometimes I just use a simple repurposed sheet, although I also started to experiment with stripes and patterns.  It was surprising to me to see how much just 1/8" or less in the width of the fabric affected its ability to hold cards; 2.75" was WAY too narrow, 3" was almost too wide~ just a hair under 3", I found, seemed just right.
All the while that I was sewing I listened to some great podcasts on the Academy Awards.  
Do you like the Academy Awards?  For all my life, it has been some remote event that I've had almost no interest in, but for some reason this year and the last I have taken a much-increased interest in them. The only movies that I've seen which were nominated for anything are Midnight in Paris, MoneyBall, and Bridesmaids; 
Culturetopia had a lot of interesting things to say about Midnight in Paris, I loved Linda Holmes comment that the movie lost her after just five minutes, when the Owen Wilson character says that he wants to sell his house in Beverly Hills and move to Paris (and we are suppossed to be sympathatic).  Lol, it reminded me of the 'Jane' character in Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing, who the reader is supposed to feel sorry for when she complains to her dad that he's sold their second home (which was on Nantucket) and purchased a new one somewhere else.  Eww.  That is a complaint that I've had in the past about Woody Allen movies; the characters oftentimes seem extremely unrelatable; drinking highballs, living in exhorbant apartments, engaging in sophisticated liaisons.  However, Midnight in Paris was clever and fun.  
Comedy Film Nerds made their podcast just hours after the AA ended; one of their guests was irate that Brad Pitt didn't win for Money Ball, nor for anything of his past nominations, regardless of his (he says) high caliber of acting.  They agreed that he can't win because he is perceived as too much of a pretty-boy, and so is dismissed by the Academy, like Tom Cruise.  I'll have to say, Pitt did do a good job in MoneyBall!   

Anyway, after much podcast listening and making many many card holders, I've come up with this little sleeve.  It's a simple cotton sleeve, that firms up once cards have been put inside.  

It will snugly hold about 5-7 business or credit cards.  Does this look like something that you would use?  My roommate told me that it needed a flap or button over the top to hold the cards in.  However, I have so many card holder for sale in my shop with a flap or button that I don't think I need another. And I have made the sleeve narrow enough that the cards won't slip out on their own (which is why I say they will 'snugly' hold 5-7 cards)  Anyway, I'm going to look out for additional feedback before I crank more of these out and list them in etsy.    

And my mind is still churning about variations that I can make on this theme; quite likely, this will not be my last post on new card holder designs!  


Our Village is a Little Different said...

They are so cute! Very nice! I love these, since I hate carrying my purse everywhere.

Documenting my said...

Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback, since it is a new design ;)

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