Saturday, March 31, 2012

Quilt Top Nearly Finished!

This week I kept myself busy putting this quilt top together!  These are the stacks of squares that I started with; strips of light and dark fabrics.  

 I started by sewing the squares together in strips, rotating the light and dark strips from one another.

Then I sewed all of the strips together; it is going to be a pretty large quilt; a twin size.  My friend gave me a nice quilt lining and I am hoping to stitch the base to the top next week so that I can start quilting.  

However, I think that beforehand I will stitch a small rim around the edge of the quilt, about 3" wide.  

Really excited about how this has turned out!  It is the best part, I think, of quilting, when the patchwork has been finished so you can see what it looks like!  

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