Thursday, March 22, 2012

Snow on March 22nd?! Huh?

Can you believe that this is the view from my front porch this morning?  It's March 22nd!  

A tree limb has fallen from the weight of the snow; another fell from the same tree later in the afternoon.

And here is the view from my backyard.  I awoke about 5:30 to all of the snow, and a power outage that lasted until about 11 am; which meant no computer and no sewing; what was I to do??!  The snow didn't last long; there's only small pieces out right now.  

Thankfully the power came back on, and I've had a pretty productive day, with a relaxing morning.  

Still plugging away at these card holders, want to list more and more in my shop over these next few days.  

These can hold about 5-10 business or credit cards, depending on the thickness of the cards.  They are all one of a kind, and handmade from recycled materials.  I listened to an awesome podcast from "Seattle Voices" while sewing today; Eric Liu from Seattle Voices interviewed Amber Campbell, the founder of Ranier Valley Post.  Among many other things, she talks about her standard for keeping content her blog civil and respectful.  

They also discussed hyperlocal journalism (new term for me!) and the complexities and benefits of running a small, local newspaper.  He is such an engaging interviewer, his questions blow me away.  

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