Saturday, April 14, 2012

Handmade Wrap Skirt

Here's a skirt that I sewed together this week.  It's a simple wrap skirt that I designed using some lovely fabrics given to me by my friend Irene.  

    The base is made from lavender and floral fabrics.  

It buttons on the side with two buttons, and also has two interior buttons to keep the skirt in place.  

I sent it to my sister as a birthday/Confirmation gift, and plan to make more this week.  They go together pretty quickly; and are made from about six large pieces of fabric sewn together, with a waistband and buttons added at the end.  The inspiration for the skirt came from some exercise skirts that I saw for sale.  This skirt that I made probably wouldn't be suitable for any exercise except for walking; however it has a similar design.  

This is a trial skirt that I made from an old sheet; I put together about three of these trial skirts before I felt comfortable making the larger skirt.  :)  

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