Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fun with Patchwork!

My Grandmother gave me some of her books on quilting from the 70s and they have really given me a lot of fun patchwork ideas this past week.  

This is a pink-black vertical stripes pattern, 

and here's the same vertical stripe pattern, with a more blended color effect.  

this is a 'stained glass window' which uses dark denim as the 'black' between the colors.  

and here's some fun, funky haphazard stripes, 

and another with the same idea, only the stripes haven't been so exagerrated.  

and a fun square pattern; this took awhile to put together, its composed of 81 squares.  I had to sew very carefully so that all of the corners matched.  

and here's some more with squares; with a more blended brown-to light beige pattern.  

Thanks for checking these out!  

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