Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Quilted Sunglasses Bag

Here's a new sunglasses bag that I've just put together.  
I've done a blended look from purple to red, pink, then white.  

It's been lined with polyester batting so it provides a cushion for glasses and sunglasses.  

I liked how this turned out, hopefully I will be making more of these!  And posting them to my etsy store.  


Corinne Tippett said...

These are really cool all together too... the ipad and iphone and sunglasses cases, like a handmade matched theme set. You've given me a great gift idea, thank you!

MegExpressions said...

Thank you so much Corrine for the nice feedback. The quilting has been a new experiment for me. I need to create some more of these quilted sunglasses bags and get them into my etsy store.

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