Monday, September 24, 2012

Fabric Wallets

Last week an *awesome* customer from my shop sent me this photo comparing her old wallet to a fabric wallet that she'd purchased from my etsy store!

It was cool to see this purple fabric wallet holding up with so many cards and coins inside of it.  And I hadn't realized until now that the cards will stay in place even if the button isn't fastened.   

It was very thoughtful of Zoe to create this photo for me; interacting with customers has been one of the best parts of my etsy experience!  The other best part has been seeing all of the wonderful handmade creations in other people's shops!  

As you can see from the inside, this wallet is designed with four card holders, a coin pouch, plus four additional pockets--all from cotton-based recycled fabrics!

And to think that 2 years ago I thought that making wallets from cotton materials wasn't even possible!  Just today I've sewn two more of these wallets; will be posting them to my shop later this week ;) 



Unknown said...
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Zoe Blessing said...

The trick to Meg's wallets is that the card slots open inward. So long as the wallet is folded closed, the cards will stay in place. Most wallets the slots face upward, so if they are too loose, the cards will slide out. Great job! Great service too.

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