Saturday, August 31, 2013

In a World.....

Really enjoyed watching 'In a World..." last night, perhaps mostly to see comedians-who-I-like in a movie! (Jeff Garland, Tig Notaro).  They had relatively minor roles, but anyway, it was fun to see them on the big screen.  It was the kind of movie that totally held my attention throughout, and I left with a 'oh, that was a good movie' feeling; however it wasn't great or unforgettable; basically a four-star production.
Held off from listening to any reviews of the movie until this morning.  Really enjoyed the conversation about it in Pop Culture Happy Hour ~ like they said in their discussion, Lake Bell really didn't come across as a pretty girl in the movie, and I was surprised afterwards to discover how much 'sexiest/best-dressed' recognition she's received.  
PCHH mentioned that her character in the movie is much like who she is in real life; down to earth, fun.  But then, you always have to assume the role of the cynic when you meet a pretty girl who acts relatable and down-to-earth.  As the character Paul Trout from White Oleander says, "It's easy for you to act like looks don't've never been ugly."  (Sorry, Lake Bell, but I DO hate you because you are beautiful!)  

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