Thursday, December 12, 2013

Handmade Fabric Wallet

The coolest thing happened to me today; I got up around 7:00, started sewing at 7:30, and by 11 had finished four fabric wallets.  (Sewing was intermittent with coffee and ebay-surfing breaks).  THEN I photographed the wallets, and listed them in my etsy store; and just 30 minutes later, one of the wallets sold to a customer in England!  That is the coolest feeling to sell something that didn't even exist just a few hours before.

Here's the wallet that sold; 

I'm having a lot more fun with linings and realizing that they can play a fundamental part in the aesthetic of the wallet.  Formerly I'd been lining all of the wallets with white, or kind of deliberately drab colors, to serve as background......however I've discovered that the lining can be every bit as important to the overall look of a wallet than the outside.  Looking forward to more designing fun in 2014.  (and what remains of 2013....)

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