Monday, August 4, 2014

New Shop Changes!!!

I'm getting ready to make some BIG changes in my etsy shop!

Although I have really enjoyed working with repurposed fabrics these past five years, I decided that it's time for a shift.  When working with repurposed fabrics, it can be very difficult to have consistency in my color choices.  The fabrics I use depend on the luck of the draw; whatever I happen to come across at garage sales, thrift shops, etc.  Additionally, it takes a lot of scouring to find quality repurposed fabrics; so many pieces that I come across are covered in stains, have holes, and/or are very worn.  Thirdly, when working with repurposed fabrics it's difficult to have consistency in the thickness of the fabrics; some fabrics are very thin, like a sheet, while others are very thick like denim.  Some fabrics have some elasticity, and others have none at all.

For all of these reasons, I've decided that I'm going to stop working with repurposed fabrics.  Beginning in September, I'll be offering products in my shop that have been made from new fabrics.  This shift will bring some wonderful new options, I think, for my customers.  Whereas in the past, I would have only a limited amount of a certain fabric, and so could only make a few items, I will now be able to make a variety of products, from wallets, to coin purses and glasses cases, from the same fabric.  This should make it fun to mix and match accessories.  I've also invested in some cute kiddie fabrics for my toddler purses.

This change will also require me to take fewer photos, and free up more time for sewing products!  At the way my shop currently runs, where I make exclusively one of a kind items, I've taken up 1500 photos in one month.  This is an insane amount, as each photo requires editing and uploading.

Although I am sorry that my products will not longer be eco-friendly, for the most part I am happy to be making this change, and I hope that you will be as well!  I have picked out a lot of fun fabrics that I think that you will enjoy.  Some are suitable to little girls, others to tweens and others to adult women.  I think that you will be pleased with the variety of fabrics and products that I will have for sale in my shop.

For a time, I will continue to keep an assortment of recycled wallets & purses on for sale in my shop.  The others I intend to sell at craft fairs.

Please come back soon to visit my shop.  I anticipate that I will be rolling out the new changes on September 1st.  Just in time for Christmas shopping to begin!  

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